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So it looks like we'll be waiting a bit longer for Prunella (at least those who preordered from PS). Silly JP changing your box sizes! :P I'm hoping she'll be here by the end of next week...who knows how christmas will slow things down.

I've been crocheting again and decided to see if I could make a pullip sweater - I love sweaters, and I've always wanted some for my girls, but there don't seem to be many out there. I made a couple prototypes and seem to be getting closer to the right sizing. I just sort of made it up as I went. It's not very complicated, just three tubes basically, the body and two sleeves, but I'm happy with how they are looking...now I've got all sorts of ideas in my head about other things to try. :)

Anyway, here are Verdi and Hedwig testing out some sweaters. :)


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Can I just say that I am deliriously excited for Prunella? Every picture I see of her I love her more and more. Her eyeshadow and lips have me the most excited. Stock looks amazing. I'm still a bit concerned about how the eye color will turn out, but it's looking better each time.

I am going to be checking my e-mail like a maniac for the shipping notice from PullipStyle starting tomorrow.

Now back to debating names... :)
*whew* The quarter is over, and somehow I managed to get all A's. I have to admit, I was a bit surprised, but very happy just the same. :)

The last couple of weeks were crazy, no real time for dolls. I left Hedwig out on the couch for a day or two, just to keep me company. My cat Congo decided he wanted to snuggle with her, and ended removing her wig in the process. Hedi, being the mischievious girl that she is, decided that she liked Nash's hair and wanted to try it on.

The result...I'm going to have to find a new wig for Nash!! :P

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It's grey and dreary here, but I took Lulu outside this afternoon for some fun and photos. Some of the plants in our apartment complex were turning pretty colors - I've been having fun lately exploring the small amount of scenery the complex has to offer.

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I really enjoyed this round of Taeyang Quarterly. :) It was so hard to choose which to use. I narrowed it down to a couple, and shot for two different sets of lyrics.

Here was my first set, using lyrics from the Counting Crows song "Walkaways"

Anyway, this change that I've been feeling
Doesn't make the rain fall
No big differences these days
Just the same old walkaways
Someday I'm gonna stay, but not today.

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Awesome survey stolen from uneetoile

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Yay for a day off from school today!

So here's my first round entry for Taeyang Quarterly. This is the first time I've taken candle lit pictures of any of my dolls - I was so scared he was going to fall over and catch on fire!!

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Thanks for looking!
One month till the quarter is over...ai yi yi...

This weekend was crazy and fun...including attending my first pony meet. :) It was very cool to get to meet local collectors who don't think I'm odd when I throw out pony terminology all over the place. Especially nice was meeting Jenelle!!! *giant hugs*

So as much as I love my dolls, several of my first girls have been sitting, very neglected for a long time now...especially Romy, my Nina. I messed around with some supplies I had floating around, and surprised myself! Nothing like some wig and eyechip swapping to help with bonding issues!! So here are the results...

first up... Echo!

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Things are still crazy and I'm still feeling down. Winter blues are coming my way, and I am doing my best to combat things. In good news, I am helping to organize a pony meet this weekend at my local library branch. I'm very excited - my first meet ever! Can't wait to actually get to meet some of my pony peeps. :)

Nash's wig came last week, and I was very happy with the result. The color is a bit lighter than I thought it would be, which is actually a good thing! I love the way it looks. Lovehaze to the rescue again, helping me fall in love with my boys.

Anyways, after getting a look at these two below, my thoughts of them being a romantic couple sort of fell away. Instead, it became pretty clear that they were meant to be brother and sister - and even more so, twins!! :)

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Geeze louise... Instead of things getting easier lately, they've just been getting harder. I had a little doll time last night which was nice.

So the new arrival is here... I decided to go with another boy. Blake was getting a bit overloaded by all the estrogen! So I went with the lovely Cavalie.

He arrived quickly and just in time to brighten up a particularly bad day last week. Sadly though the curse of the Cavalie boots struck within 10 minutes of getting him out of the box...oh yes...the dreaded ankle snap. So I cried a little bit... *blush* I couldn't believe I had messed him up so quickly, and he's so gorgeous to boot. Oh well...at least it wasn't a more major injury, and I can always get him an obitsu. He's got his new hair on the way from Lovehaze, so he's not quite complete yet, but I already love him. I've named him Nash after my favorite hockey player, Rick Nash.

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In other news, I think the era of Blake and Verdi has come to an end. When I bought him, I simply paired Blake up with Verdi since she was my favorite doll, without any real regard to how they look together or their personalities. As time has gone on, I've decided I don't think they're the right pairing. I know I shouldn't go through so much angst over this, but as I start to plan out a story for the pic fic I want to start, Blake has been less than subtle in letting me know that he has his eyes on someone else. Verdi has been scoping out our new addition as well, so I'd say everything will be alright. Anyways, here's the budding new romance - of course it can change over time, but these two seem rather smitten and suited for each other.

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I recieved a very pleasant package in the mail yesterday from midnight_pullip I knew she was sending an adorable skirt she had made, but it arrived with so much more - a delightful package full of all sorts of goodies. With the blues I've been going through this was such a nice surprise and totally brightened my mood. So thanks again, so very much!! *hug* Pics to come soon...

Also I've started in on the 365 day toy project on flickr - everyone posts one picture of a toy for 365 days. I'm so excited! I think it will be a great way to chronicle my toy obsession and life in general for the next year.